Established since 1975 with principal business activities in trading and distribution of branded furniture and decorations, Noble Design Station (NDS) has evolved and developed into an interior design specialist providing both interior consulting services and contracting under one roof.

Leveraging on years of field experience and seasoned craftsmanship, the management team had been highly successful in introducing technological advancement such as computer-aided-design, 3-Dimensional projection and modeling, to the original design work process and harnessed the unlimited potential in advanced computer technology. In addition, we also maintain a large resource library stocked with the most current catalog and samples from all major suppliers and manufacturers. As a result, client can expect an art work so meticulously conceived that sight, sound and texture converge to create the perfect environment for the intended purpose.


It all begins with vision - that instinctive ability arising from years of experience, knowledge and skill woven together by a commitment that only comes from putting ourselves in the place of those who will benefit most directly from our work.

When we first meet with a client, we consider much more than the function of the property. We consider the impression that property will make on its owners, its employees, its visitors and, ultimately, its inhabitants. That's why it is so important for us to be involved right from the start, side-by-side with the architects and marketing and financial consultants.



We have over 100 years of combined experience and we were trained in a tradition of getting down to the essentials of each discipline and building up from that firm foundation.

We also possessed the knowledge and a commitment for continual improvement and training. Most importantly, we listen to our client’s need and take those words to heart. All these values, in fact, granted us the passion to get the RIGHT things done RIGHT.


Noble Design Station has a large portfolio of residential clients, as well as a thriving corporate division specializing in show houses, commercial interiors and refurbishments. We understand that every project is unique and strive to create exciting design and an individual look which perfectly reflects the personality of the property and the client.

We have dedicated ourselves not only to achieving excellence in the work of interior design, but in virtually every aspect affecting the value and success of that design.
Interior Design
Project Administration
Fabrication & Installation
Design & Build

Noble Design Station also delivers comprehensive, fast track design and build services. Our extensive base of experience, knowledge, resources and leading edge technology permit us to offer the full range of facilities encompassing planning, design, construction and interior fit-out all within a single organization.

Via the design and build approach, we assume the risks that traditionally are born by the project owner managing and coordinating the design team, mitigating errors and omissions as well as controlling costs, schedule and delays – which typically save the owner considerable time and money.

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