Noble Way Sdn.Bhd. (NWSB) is a contracting firm having core competency in the field of engineering, procurement, contracting and commissioning (EPCC) offering specialized services to manufacturing facilities within the peninsular and East Malaysia. NWSB focus on providing a comprehensive range of building maintenance services and had established itself as the preferred vendor reinforced through its consistency, innovative and highly reliable performances. Its list of client consists of reputable and established multinational corporations having vast production activities within the country.

NWSB is staffed with highly trained and experienced professionals in various fields such as Architecture, Quantity Surveying, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Building, Estate Management, Finance and Law. It had established itself as the leader in contracting custom-designed building and facilities.


Our vision is to be a world-class one-stop design/build firm recognized as an industry leader in the construction field
Mission Statement
We are committed to being the best in our field of services. We hire qualified people and provide them the training and guidance they need to be successful.

We are continually refining the design/build process to remain a leader in our field. We are the choice of our customers because of our honesty, uncompromising quality, and unsurpassed service.

We also strive to achieve responsible financial returns for our company, and create mutually beneficial relationships for customers, employees, subcontractors, suppliers, stockholders and the communities in which we do business.



We are committed to being a company that is the best of the best.
We will pursue a vision of quality that our customers will recognize.
We will be a company that embraces change, looks to the future, and encourages everyone who works with us to do the same.
We will promote an atmosphere of fairness and respect within the company.
We are committed to providing fast action, on time delivery and practical solutions to our customers.
We will be honest and fair in all of our dealings with customers.
We will provide the talent of the most qualified staff and subcontractors on our customers' jobs.
We will enhance value, maintain flexibility, and build relationships with our client
We are committed to hiring only qualified, enthusiastic, and energetic people.
We want to work in a fun, upbeat and creative environment
We will pursue policies that encourage decision-making at all levels of the company.
We are committed to dealing with our subcontractors and other business partners with fairness and honesty.
We will provide clean, safe and organized job sites.
We are committed to resolving problems immediately and timely payment to our suppliers.
We want to see our business partners succeed and expect the same level of commitment from them.
We are committed to giving back to our community.
We will volunteer and support our community institutions.
We will conduct our business in an environmentally sustainable and proactive manner.
We expect that each person will work as a team member and encourage each other to do so.
We will be motivated, professional, and friendly in all of our dealings with our customers.
Training & Development
It is a key training and development goal of the company to establish a culture of learning which will equip employees with the necessary skills in terms of service excellence, towards striving for global competitiveness and the company’s growth objectives.

To this end, access to appropriate training and development opportunities are available to all employees. Such opportunities will be created on the basis of business and individual development needs whereby individual employees will be co-responsible, with management, for their own development. Special attention will be paid to the accelerated development of employees from designated groups.

Project Cost Estimation
Construction Management
Design & Build Services
Detailed Project Budgets
Post Construction Maintenance
Contract Procurement
Preliminary Budgeting
Project Management
Value Engineering

Residential Division

Commercial Division

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