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Perunding Amori is a project management firm providing consultancy services aimed at investigating contractual and management challenges within the construction and engineering industries.

Our team of specialist are made up of highly qualified construction professionals with considerable relevant experience in each respective field. Many of our consultants have held senior management positions in multi national organizations enabling them to recognize and handle construction issues and engineering issues sensitively and comprehensively.

We work to exceptionally high professional standards, combining proven commercial acumen with resourcefulness and determination. As a result, we have established a strong network of clients with complete confidence in our ability to approach and successfully manage each and every project appointed to us.
Our Vision
To be at the forefront of project delivery.

Our Mission
Deliver 100% customer satisfaction through a team of professional work force committed to continuous improvement.
Our Services
Planning And Design
Project Planning
Schematic Proposals

Construction Consultancy
Pre and Post Contract Advice
Project and Construction Management
Civil and Structural Design and Analysis
Architectural Services
Interior Design Services
Mechanical and Electrical Services

Procurement & Contract Administration
Project Valuation and Survey
Quantity Surveying


Project Planning & Design
Planning for projects and the relevant design has proven to be great challenge for many commercial entities. To our team of consultants, however, project planning has been a day to day routine.

Compiling data for detailed analysis begins with meticulous examination of records and documents. We then broaden our research by investigating all possible sources of information to ensure we have complete accounts of both primary and secondary documentary material together with detailed interviews with those concerned. Our experienced consultants, including quantity surveyors, engineers, project managers and planners, are particularly tenacious and persevere until they have uncovered all relevant information.

When the initial probe is complete and all the relevant data assembled, our consultants analyze the extensive web of facts and figures. Drawing on significant data management skills, they are able to present a full appraisal of the design and its impact on the issues in question.

The completed designs can be prepared in both soft and hard copies for easy illustrations.

Construction Consultancy
Pre-Contract Commercial Advice
The range of our professional expertise enables us to provide our clients with pre-contact advice. We are able to analyze the commercial risks inherent in invitations to tender and proposed contract documents so that risks can be understood and accepted, priced or diminished by negotiation.

Project & Construction Management
We are able to provide the management and co-ordination expertise to achieve the successful completion of projects through all stages of feasibility, funding, design, construction and commissioning. Our commitment to total communication involves the client company at all stages of the project by regular meaningful reports and updates and by closely acting as advisor on all construction related matters.

Our expertise in commercial problem solving enables us to deal with specific project difficulties as well. Progress recovery, quality audits, remedial work monitoring and tender process co-ordination are a selection of the distinct roles we have undertaken in this context.
Procurement & Contract Administration
Project Valuation & Survey
It makes commercial sense to administer a contract correctly. However, our experience has shown that on projects where through historical records are most needed, they are least likely to be available. It is vital that the correct administrative procedures are established at outset of a project.

We employ professionals with considerable experience in administering construction and engineering projects. Our consultants are an invaluable asset to a project team for the duration of a contract, or they can be called in to enhance a team for part of it. Either way, our clients are reassured that they will not only have the expertise of individuals but also the back-up our entire organization should this be appropriate.

Quantity Surveying
Aided by our team of quantity surveyors and engineers with the technical skills and qualifications necessary for this specialist sector, our pre-contract procurement services cover cost planning, value engineering and tender documentation preparation. Post contract services include cost reporting and forecasting as well as preparation of interim and final accounts.

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